October 31 each year is Halloween (Halloween), also known as Halloween, Halloween pumpkins on this day every family will be lifted to a child lights and unlimited distribution of sweets, Halloween is the children and therefore their favorite festivals. The origin of Halloween is the five hundred years before Christ, when, living in Ireland, Scotland and other places it is believed that the spirits will be October 31 during the lifetime of the day return to place of residence, and the living creatures who seek to obtain regeneration opportunities. People worry that the ghost to seize their own lives, so when October 31 comes, will all the lights put out, making the ghost could not find the living, people would look like dressed up as ghosts and goblins to scare away the ghosts.

As time goes by, the meaning of Halloween has become contained by means of celebration. So now a symbol of Halloween monsters and pictures, have become a lovely and looks like


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